The Baker Street Journal new series and first series (complete 1946-1949 13 issues first series and nearly complete run 1951- 1979 4 issues lacking for 1963 V. 13)

New York, Morristown: The Baker Street Irregulars, 1946. First Edition. Original wraps. Octavo, with original wraps- A complete run of The Baker Street Journal (first series) published from 1946 to early 1949 in 4 issues per year for 1946, 47, 48 with one issue published in 1949. Thus Vol. 1 #1 through Vol. 4 #1 are present here. These 13 issues are not bound - covers are present but either they were never bound and intended for binding in hardcovers- as they are often found or the backstrips and glue have be removed- possiby with intent to hard cover. All these issues are very good or better otherwise. The Publication resumed in 1951 with the "new series" . This new series is complete from Vol. 1 # 1 through Vol. 27 #4- 1951- 1979 with the Exception of Vol. 13 (1963) with all 4 issues lacking for that year. Thus, this set ends with Vol. 27 #4, 1979 . The issues from the new series vary in condition- most show some fading and light soiling of covers, some have numbers written on the covers- probably from someone's filing system. Newer issues are generally obtainable, but most of the early ones are scarce. The journal was published quarterly, thus there are four issues per year. We do not know if four were actually published each year, thus it is possible that some missing issues were not published. Included is a special issue from Jan. 1954 for The William Gillette Memorial Luncheon. A letter we have seen from the publisher of the first series stated that the publication was halted after the first issue of the 4th volume. The first issue of the new series states that the publication of the first series was a bit too expensive to continue in such a fine form, thus the first volume of the new series was being cheaply produced in 200 copies (which are present in this set). The subsequent issues were inexpensively produced as well, but perhaps a bit better quality. This set will occupy ca. 2.5' or .75m of shelf space. Note: due to weight and size of this set, shipping outside the USA or priority shipping will be more expensive than for an average book. Very good. Item #9584

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